Pocket Monkey - Multi Tool by Zootility Tools

Finally! A pocket tool that is actually convenient. It does 12 awesome functions. And it is even TSA-compliant. The Pocket Monkey fits in your wallet! 

  1. Bottle Opener - Why carry one on your key chain
  2. Flat Screwdriver - One of the most necessary tools!
  3. Phillips Screwdriver - Now in 2D
  4. Micro Screwdriver - Think glasses & battery covers
  5. Phone Kickstand - Insert a credit card to form a stand 
  6. Hex Wrenches - 6 standard US sizes
  7. Orange Peeler - No fingernails? no problem!
  8. Door Latch slip - Opens locked interior doors
  9. Earbuds Cord Wrap - Prevents cases of tangle rage
  10. Letter Opener - Make quick work of mail pile
  11. Ruler - inches on front, metric on the back 
  12. Straight edge - Draw lines or use a scraper

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