Toronto District Jewelry Collection Inspiration

Toronto District Jewelry Collection Inspiration

Where do I start! The love I have for Toronto is unbelievable, I grew up north of the city about a 40 minuite transit ride or car ride to the beautiful city. When I was a kid I always knew that I was a city boy.

Back in the 90's I will always plan days and nights trips to the city.  Whelther it be getting all dressed up and dining in the Yorkville District. Planning a day of shopping at local fashion designers in the Fashion District. Attending musicals show and symphony concerts in the Entertainment District. Boogie down and celebrating in the Village District. Taking a walk through history and stop off at a trendy coffee shop in the Distillery District.   

When I started to build the exclusive Matty's Fab Avenue Toronto  District Jewelry Collection in collaboration with glamjulz I wanted it to represent my favourite Districts that a grew up to love and that have been the staple of what Toronto has become and continues to grow. 

1. Distillery District

Inspiration: My perfect Sunday includes a visit to the Distillery district where I grab a specialty coffee and walk the cobblestone streets of this historical landmark. 

Photo by Haley Wheeler 

 2. Entertainment District

Inspiration: Neon lights, pumping beats, Electric Circus, and a vendor hot dog to close the evening.  That was my life 15 years ago.  Today I live here in the heart of the Entertainment district and enjoy dinner at Restaurant Row and symphony nights at Roy Thompson Hall or seeing a broadway show at Royal Alexandra Theatre with my husband

Photo by Haley Wheeler

3. Fashion District

Inspiration: Garments, vintage finds, local designers this is where fashion is born.  My love for style and originality is fulfilled in the Fashion district!  I've got bags full of fabulous finds and a story to tell about each designer.

Photo by Haley Wheeler

 4. Village District

Inspiration: Here is where it all began.  I came out of the closet, called a cab and he indulged me by blasting Julie Garland's "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as we made our way to the Village.  It was a place where I met my community.  Today the city of Toronto has become that community for me, we are all one,  I can go anywhere and show my colours without judgement.

Photo by Haley Wheeler 

5. Yorkville District

Inspiration: The charm of Yorkville has changed so much over the years.  I fell in love with this area in the 90's when I would spend hours window shopping in the quaint boutiques, star gazing at the Four Seasons and dreaming about the future of Matty's Fab Avenue

Photo by Haley Wheeler

 I am super excited to share this collection with you. This collection was inspired to spread the love of our beautiful city of Toronto. Choose what District speaks to you and feel fabulous wearing it! Shop now at

 Being unique is always fabulous!


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