Back to the 90's - Shop the Story Inspiration

Back to the 90's - Shop the Story Inspiration

The inspiration for the Back to the 90's Party came about when my best friends wanted to plan a night for all of us to get together and catch up. 

After many phone calls, text messages and emails. We all finally confirmed the date Saturday Night January 14th! I offered to host the get together and everyone was thrilled. 

My party planning ideas started to kick in and I decided to plan a 90's Theme Party!

I wondered how I can incorporate Matty's Fab Avenue with the Party. That is when Back To The 90's - Shop the Story came together. 

All week leading up to the party on my Matty's Fab Avenue Instagram and Facebook Page. I posted selected products that complimented my favorite shows of the 90's.


Being Unique is Always Fabulous!  




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