Matty's Fab Avenue is now on Instagram Stories!

Matty's Fab Avenue is now on Instagram Stories!


I am so proud of myself, I still can't believe it! Starting my Instagram Story for Matty's Fab Avenue has been the biggest challenge for me. Growing up I always felt so nervous and shy in front of the camera. I really wanted to share with you, my followers and my customers the life and personality of Matty's Fab Avenue.

My friends and family have encouraged me to break out of my shell, trust myself and go ahead and do it! 

I admit the first Story of me in front of the camera and hearing my voice for the first time was "Terrifying!" but super exciting at the same time! I couldn't believe that I took that  leap. To be honest, I had nothing to worry about, as all have you gave me the confidence and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! for all the positive feedback, comments and encouragement. You are all fabulous! 

If you are already following the Matty's Fab Avenue on Instagram - Thank you so much!

If you want to join the Matty's Fab Avenue Instagram page and follow the journey and adventures through pictures and Instagram Stories.

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 Being Unique is Always Fabulous! 


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