Toronto Fashion Academy: What Is It and Why You Should Care

I collaborated with my friends at Toronto Fashion Academy. I wanted to share with you all the fantastic services that they offer. 

Toronto Fashion Academy (TFA) was designed on the basis of perfecting and extolling the true quality of our artists within the Fashion Industry. It is the only academy in Canada, which caters to training in High Fashion Modeling, Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, Make-up Artistry and Fashion Photography. These Academies were perfected under one roof in accordance to our industry experts.

Toronto Fashion Academy Fashion Professionals go through vigorous training in house as well as working hours where they are provided with Photoshoots, Print Campaigns, Runway Shows, Commercials, look-book shoots and much more. All work provided is to help build a professional network, build your resume, & grow your portfolio.  

TFA is located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the Fashion District. It is a perfect Academy for anyone that wants to get their career started in all avenues of the fashion industry. I recommend that you check out www.torontofashionacademy.cafor more information to enroll in the workshops they such a variety of wonderful workshops

The workshops are just one service that TFA offers they also have a designer showroom called the TFA Closet. that specializes in marketing content / designer pulls / magazine editorials and much more. 

When you first walk in their Toronto office you are immersed into the celebration of Canadian fashion. You can touch, feel and even try on the fabulous pieces. You all know that I am a huge supporter of celebrating all the talent we have in Canada within the fashion industry as we have such amazing talent within Canada. Toronto Fashion Academy tops my list of companies in Toronto that does just that. 

I strongly recommend you follow along with Toronto Fashion Academy on social media as they have great content that you would really enjoy. Also check out the Toronto Fashion Academy website and apply for some wonderful and educational workshops you will leave feeling so inspired. 

For all the Matty’s Fab Avenue readers when you apply for any of the workshops mention MFABTFA and you will receive a 15% discount on all products at use the promo code VIP19

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