MFAB on the scene: Toronto Fashion Week SS2020


“I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my Closet.”

- Carrie Bradshaw

Toronto Fashion Week is a three day celebration that happens twice a year.

The beautiful Yorkville Village is transformed into a spectacular display of Canadian talent and fashion.

Toronto Fashion Week rolled out in style in the beautiful Yorkville Neighbourhood.

There were many different areas to experience during Toronto Fashion Week

Fashion House: This venue had great and some not so great moments. The venue was once hosted by a clothing store that closed their doors a couple months back. The location was fabulous right in the heart of Yorkville, the set up of the runway was very chic and different, the runway wrapped around the main floor and the models came down this beautiful wooden stair case and walked around the main floor for all the quest to see.

The downside to this venue space was that during the runway shows there was no air conditioning or ventilation of air. It was very hot and you were sweating in your seats. Thankfully the staff and team of Toronto Fashion Week were so helpful with the situation by passing around FIJI water (which is my fav!) so we all could cool off and keep hydrated. The other downside was a lack of space to wait and smoozing between shows, we needed to leave the venue while they setup for the next show. It would of been great to have a place to go before and after the shows. Overall this venue was place was great! The location was perfect and I really liked the way the runway was designed.

Royal Ontario Museum: Toronto Fashion Week took it to the next level when we got to experience amazing Canadian designers in the iconic landmark of our beautiful city the Royal Ontario Museum known as the ROM. The moment you walked into this historic landmark in the city you are immediately amused into the world of fashion.

The runway setup was beautifully done! They had very comfortable chairs (for a nice change) and what I loved the most was the third row. It was situated on a platform which I found to be the perfect place to watch the runway shows and collections from a perched perspective. I know what you are thinking?…third row?…front row is the best sit in the house! Don’t get me wrong, sitting front row is fabulous with all the energy and feel of the shows making you feel like you are part of the show. But, for some of the shows this season my assigned seat was in the third row platform. I totally didn’t expect such an amazing experience!

Designer Market: The Designer Market at Toronto Fashion Week was a spectacular display of Canadian designers showcasing their collections. The market was opened to the public for you to shop until you drop! What I really loved about Designer Market was that you get a chance to meet the designers and have an open conversation with them which to me was an incredible experience. The only downside was that I didn’t get a chance to spend more time in the Market as it was located in a different location from the runway shows. It would have been fantastic if the Designer Market would have been situated closer to the runway shows so you could spend more time browsing, chatting and shopping.


Highlights of Toronto Fashion Week SS2020.

We have so much talented and creative designers from all over Canada and through out the three days it is wonderful to see all the support and love from our city and the rest of country. We all celebrated the hard work that designers put in to making a runway show.

Hilary Macmillan: Spring/Summer 2020 collection showed a range of cerulean-toned blues and vegan snakeskin-textured leather which was stunning! Her latest collection will extend up to size 4X and 28 which is wonderful to see in the industry.

Lesley Hampton: SS/2020 collection titled The Preface. Her show had a cast of diverse models - of all backgrounds, gender and forms. Her show was stunning and Lesley Hampton's collection was dedicated to the memory of all missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people.

90’s Kids: I am a 90’s baby and growing up in this era I was really excited to see this designer. 90’s Kids transported guests back to the '90s with a collection that combined leather, spray-painted tees and denim jackets.

Adrian Arnieri: Closed night one with a Spice Girls-inspired collection. His collection channeled their playful self expression featuring vibrant coloured furs, glossy leather, mesh, sequins and lace.

FIJI water got me through TFW


FIJI water was my life saver to stay hydrated throughout the three day celebrations before and after every runway show and presentation FIJI water was there and it is one of my favourite water brands!


Matty Nyman and Sharron Matthews enjoying FIJI Water at Lesley Hampton's fashion show during day three of Toronto Fashion Week®

FIJI Water as the Official Water Sponsor

Photo credit: Getty Images and Rock it Promotions

Overall Toronto Fashion Week SS2020 was an incredible experience and I had the time of my life! Thank you to the Rock it Promotions team for inviting me. Super excited for the next season’s fashion week celebrations!

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