MFAB on the scene: Cassandra Elizabeth Opening Party

It is official, Cassandra Elizabeth A Wellness Boutique is now open!



I have been waiting so long for this moment and I am sure you have been as well. My great friend Cassandra Burrell is the owner and designer of fashion label, Cassandra Elizabeth has opened her Wellness Boutique in Toronto, Ontario. The boutique is located in the trendy, and beautiful neighbourhood known as Dufferin Groove on the corner of College Street and Dufferin Street: 1122 College Street, Toronto Ontario.


Cassandra Elizabeth created a sustainable line of clothing for EVERYONE,

Off to your office or meeting you can WORK in Cassandra Elizabeth. Heading to the gym, planning a brunch, attending a dinner party or catching up with friends over coffee you can PLAY in Cassandra Elizabeth. Need a relaxing day at home after those long workdays, fun nights on the town you can SLEEP in Cassandra Elizabeth.

You can also visit Cassandra Elizabeth, and hang out in the ZEN Den. The Wellness Boutique will have on-going cool and innovative workshops (at affordable prices) as well as the opportunity to showcase your brand (pop-up space available). Plan to visit Cassandra Elizabeth. The Wellness Boutique it is a must see!


Store Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 11-7 PM
Sunday: 12-5 PM
Workshops: Tuesday Nights 7-9 PM

Being Unique is always Fabulous!