My Favourite Fall Fashion Go-To:

It is that time to change over our Summer wardrobes with our Fall wardrobes. I always get super excited when the seasons change. I put on my favourite Spotify playlist. and have a full movie fashion montage moment while I am deciding what clothes to keep and what clothes to donate.

I wanted to write this blog post to share you all why jackets is my go-to for the fall season. When it comes to the seasons changing I find myself scrolling through my social media platforms and I start double tapping, liking, pinning and retweeting all about fashion trends for the season. Every time the fall season approaches I notice that my top picks for the fall is jackets!

Photo credit :  Kohler Charles

Photo credit : Kohler Charles

Being Unique Is Always Fabulous!

Every season change my favourite part is shopping! . I like to shop at different stores like Zara , H&M and stores on Queen Street West. The fall season the weather is perfect as you can start to layering up your wardrobe and stores start changing over their merchandise and you get to see all the new fashion styles.

When the fall season approaches my shopping habits lean toward the fun and unique jackets. I start browsing online first and see what styles I like first, and then I would take a day and walk around the city to visit all the stores. It makes it easier when you are shopping to know what you are looking for and have a more focus approach if you are on a budget.

Photo credit :  Kohler Charles

Photo credit : Kohler Charles

“Always have fun with Fashion dress to Entertain yourself”

- Besty Johnson

My collection of jackets keeps on growing season to season. Fall Fashion is one of my favourites as you get to play with different styles with layering your favourite pieces from your closet, or adding your accessories to style with your wardrobe.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and a way to express yourself and fun this Fall season when it comes to your outfits!


Being Unique is always Fabulous!