My Journey With Chron’s Disease: The Beginning

Photo by  Aro Ha

Photo by Aro Ha


This Matty's Diary Blog is a little different from my other blog posts. I thought it would be fabulous and important to talk about and open up the conversation break the stigma regarding Crohns disease and I wanted to share with you all my personal journey with living with Crohns.

I was diagnosed when I was in my early twenties and I am going to be getting my surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital on Thursday February 28th, 2019 to take out my blockage scare tissue in my small intestine, which I will get more in depth below in this blog post. First I wanted to share some facts and open the discussion on what Crohns disease is and give you all some informational facts for people who don't know much about Crohns disease.

On this addition on the Matty's Diary we are going to open the conversation and break the stigma and talk about different topics regarding Crohns disease. If you are someone living with Crohns disease or if you have a friend, family member or loved one who has been diagnose with Crohns disease just remember you are not alone! On that note lets start the conversation and break the stigma. 

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