Everyone Please Meet My #InstaBestie


When I launch Matty's Fab Avenue I was very shy to use Social Media. I felt nervous at the beginning and needed to build the confidence to step outside my comfort zone. What I learned over the years that stepping outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there is the best way to grow with your business. I thank the amazing Monica from glamjulz for providing that confidence I have today.

Instagram has helped me connect with such fabulous people and I get to engage with my followers and customers which is absolutely the best as I love to engage with you all and I thank you so much for joining the Matty's Fab Avenue Fabulousness!

Now to one of my best parts of my Instagram journey. Back in 2015 I was attending a trade show in Toronto sourcing new and one of a kind products for the Matty's Fab Avenue Boutique. I came across the fabulous Monica from glamjulz on Instagram and have been following them for weeks on Instagram. I private message them and told them I am such a big fan of their collections and that I am going to be visiting their booth at the show. Monica got back to me right away and I was super excited! I couldn't wait to meet her and see the fabulous collections.


Monica was so wonderful! We were like two peas in a pod. Her positive outlook on life and energy was so infectious. Since then Monica and I became the closes of friends. She encourage me to step outside my shell and believed in the Matty's Fab Avenue brand. 

Our first collaboration was this past summer when we hosted our very first M&M Shop, Sip and Sparkle party in downtown Toronto. It was my every first event for Matty's Fab Avenue and I was so thrilled! Monica and I planned out engaging pictures and built a story for Instagram for build up to the event which was such a great success and our customers and followers came to out shop and mingle with us. 

Collaboration is such an important part of business these days that Monica and I decided to plan our next event together. A holiday shopping event on December 8th and this time we hired Haley Wheeler to take professional pictures of us. We had a blast! building our story to leading up to the event. We hope you are all enjoying the Instagram post so far. I look forward to seeing you at the event!

 Monica you are truly amazing, fabulous and a inspiration to us all. You and your team are so wonderful and your collections of sparkly jewelry are stunning pieces of art. Our friendship has grown so much over the years and there are many more years to come. I am always super excited! When we plan and collaborate together. 

Please follow @glamjulz on all of her social media platforms, and show the world your sparkle!  


Being Unique is Always Fabulous! 


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