MFAB on the scene: Where Fashion Meets


When Fashion Meets is a monthly networking platform that allows creatives in the Fashion Industry to network and launch their new products and services.


Matty's Fab Avenue was selected by the host Toronto Fashion Industry to be the Featured Brand of the Month for the event. It was my first public speaking experience for my business and I was super excited and so honoured for this opportunity. I wanted it to be extra special that I prepared a complimentary take aways for all the guests attending. 


Photo by Dhawal Phadke

This opportunity came to me from my courage and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. I met the fabulous Erika from PR Diva Communications at Toronto Women's Fashion Week. We started chatting about networking and speaking of our businesses. During our great conversation Erika talked about the When Fashion Meets Networking Event that she was hosting. When I got home that night, the first thing I did was get my ticket! After that, the most wonderful thing happened - Erika reached out to me and wanted Matty's Fab Avenue to be The Brand of the Month. She asked if  I would speak to the guests about my journey with Matty's Fab Avenue and how it all got started. I jumped for joy and excitement for this wonderful opportunity! 


Photo by Louise Images

I was very nervous, as this was my first public speaking presentation for Matty's Fab Avenue. Let me tell you! It was the most amazing experience!!! Erika and her team were amazing and made me feel very comfortable that my presentation went so well! 


Photo by Louise Images

I had such a great time and met so many wonderful people. I look forward to connecting with them all in the future. I can't wait to attend the next When Fashion Meets Networking Event. 

Thank you to Erika from PR Diva Communications and Toronto Fashion Industry for incredible experience. 

Being Unique Is Always Fabulous!


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