MFAB on the scene: Toronto International Film Festival 2018


The Toronto International Film Festival is one of my always favourite times of year in my city. The Glitz, the glam and Hollywood stars come to Toronto and celebrate their amazing work of film. 

I look forward to TIFF every year and always get super excited. This year was the most unforgettable experience for Matty's Fab Avenue and I am still so honoured and excited talking about it, so why not? write about it my blog for the Matty's Diary as I wanted to share with you and tell you the fabulous stories! let's start on how Matty's Fab Avenue got to join in on the TIFF glitz and glam! Back in April I got got invited to be a guest for the Haute Humber Walk It Out Fashion Show which showcased some fabulous Canadian designers. During the Cocktail reception before the show, I got interviewed by the fabulous Celeste Decaire which you can watch on the Matty's Fab Avenue Facebook Page  The Fashion Show was about to start and we all took our seats and beside me Sophon Chou CEO of Mode Event Toronto and partner of Hollywood North Toronto  We start chatting and we became best friends right away! 

Fast forward to the summer Sophon approached me and wanted to plan a TIFF Styling Lounge for Hollywood North Toronto and I was super excited as I always wanted to showcase Matty's Fab Avenue products and collections, I was super excited to be apart of this fabulous TIFF Style Lounge experience! 


Hollywood North Toronto is a celebration of all things film and all things Canadian to celebrities, pro athletes; and musicians. This year Hollywood North Style Lounge featured all Canadian designers to showcase and have a five day lounge where guests would come and visit, walk around meet the designers and for their events or the designers would style the celebrity or artist. The Canadian designers showcasing XIAN Rhowan James ZIN Motowear Shelli OH Captve Jaycow Millinery Mayer Man beside from the fashion the lounge also showcased Playbook showcased some beautiful art and talented artists and treats from CXBO Chocolates and tasty beaverages from Tea Squared and Lost Craft Bear

Hollywood North Toronto also create a fabulous space for the guest to have a cocktails, food, art and entertainment before their movie premieres or events that the guest were attending during the TIFF celebrations.

There were so many memorable that I can write and talk about forever and still talk about today. Here are a few that I still can't believe happened! I premiered my Exclusive Matty's Fab Avenue Bowtie Collection that I collaborated with Canadian designer Dee Silkie which were such a huge hit. The most exciting thing happened! Actor Julian Bailey attended the style lounge and when he came over to the Matty's Fab Avenue table he loved the bowties that he wanted to wear one for his movie premiere for The Humming Bird Project. I jump up for joy and got super excited! I remember running over to Dee and telling her to come over to my booth and help him choose. He ended up choosing the Ultra Voilet Bowtie which look fabulous on him. 


Photo by Katherine Holland at the NKPRIT18 lounge

I got to meet the fabulous Karl Wolf, I have been such a huge fan of his music for many years and he was so incredible, kind, and so wonderful. He actually loved the Black Sequin Bomber that I collaborated with Canadian designer Lesley Hampton which I was super excited about! Hopefully one day, he will wear a bomber for one of his concerts, it was such a honor and so fabulous meeting you Karl. 


There were so many memorable moments that happened during that week. I met so many super fabulous people and made lasting friendships, and I had the most unforgettable experience that I did not want it to end! 

Do you remember when you went to summer camp and when the summer is over you had to say goodbye until next year, that is exactly what the lounge felt like. We all became like family and at the end of the celebrations we all said our goodbyes until next year. We all were going to miss each other as we saw each other everyday, it was so fabulous! We are all keeping in touch and planning to meet up for catch ups. 

To end the all the fabulous TIFF celebrations Hollywood North Hosted their 4th Annual TIFF Festival Party held at the amazing Assembly Chef's Hall Thank you Mode Events Canwood Entertainment and Hollywood North Toronto for this incredible experience. Looking forward to next year! 


Photo by Raiallen

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