Storytime: My Friendship Story with Dee Silke


Where do I even start! Dee Silkie and I first met back in 2017, at a Fashion Networking event called When Fashion Meets hosted by Toronto Fashion Industry which is a free monthly networking platform that allows creatives to network.

Every month Toronto Fashion Industry selects a Brand of the Month to present and showcase their brand ranging from Fashion Designers, Fashion Shows, Beauty Brands and Lifestyle Brands.

Toronto Fashion Industry selected me to be the Brand of the Month and invited me to showcase and present my Online Boutique Matty's Fab Avenue and talk about my journey and how I got started in the industry. The night was fabulous I was meeting all types of people, building business contacts and even building wonderful friendships.

I remember like it was yesterday the moment when Dee and her husband came up to me and introduced them selves. Dee's open line was fantastic she comes up to me shakes my hand and says "I just have to say, you look like and remind me of Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City" I was super excited that she told me that as I am a huge fan of series and movies. I even built a collection of Sex and the City themed Fancy BroochesTie Bars and Cufflinks in collaboration with Barbie's Basement Jewellery

Dee and I connected instantly! Dee and her husband just moved to Toronto from the East Coast and were new to the Toronto scene. As you all know that I love my city of Toronto and even created a jewelry collection based on my fabulous city called the Toronto District Jewelry Collection in collaboration with glamjulz 

I overwhelmed Dee with all the wonderful things to see and do in Toronto and areas to visit gave her restaurant recommendations to eat, coffee shops to have a workday etc... As the event and night was coming to the a end. Dee and I exchanged our connect information and the rest is history we became instant best friends!

  I honestly feel like Dee and I knew each other for years! When we plan our Dee and Matty adventures, whether it be a work day at our favourite coffee shops, or planning to attend events around the city. We always have fabulous times, laughs and always have great stories to share.

Now, to the fabulous collaboration story and how the Dee Silkie X Matty's Fab Avenue Bowtie Collection all came together. Dee and her brand Dee Silkie which is a Silk clothing brand that is hand dyed in Toronto. She is so talented and her collections are amazing!

Dee apporached me and wanted to do a collaboration together and create something so fabulous to represent the Matty's Fab Avenue brand and for my customers. Dee called me and wanted to plan a very professional meeting to pitch her ideas to me. I recommend that we meet at the Shangri-La Hotel which by the way, is a fabulous spot in Toronto to have a workday and plan meetings. Dee has never been before she was very excited! 

Dee and I shared our ideas to one another we got creative and talked about the marketing, social media and promotion ideas. It all felt so nature and exciting! After many weeks of planning and getting things organized the Dee Silkie X Matty's Fab Avenue Bowtie Collection was born! 

Dee also has a platform called Dose Of Dee Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud which you will hear nothing but true authentic stories from Dee and other creatives about how they got started, struggles in the creative industry, blessings in disguise, and celebrity interactions. It is hilarious!

I have been featured and interviewed many times on the Dose of Dee Podcast. Dee and I dish on many topics about our fabulous friendship our collaboration and hilarious stories and adventures. Check them out and have a listen! 

Our friendship is growing everyday and our collaboration on building more to the Matty's Fab Avenue brand is in the works. Follow along on our fabulous friendship and business journey. Stay tuned for many more to come! 

Being unique is always fabulous!



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