My Journey with Crohn’s Disease: Tips On Coping

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Coping Emotionally with Crohn's? 

It took me many months and one year to start coping emotionally and mentally when I got diagnosed. I was really scared, and felt anxious as it took me a while to figure out my symptoms. My challenge the first year was finding the right diet and type of foods I can eat to control the symptoms. Once you find what works for you the coping gets easier and easier everyday. Everyone's body works differently and you just have to stay positive and find what works for you and work with your doctors. 

Here are some coping tips that helped me. 

1. Exercise and Activities: This really helped me so much, growing up I was always an active person and always on the go. I live in heart of downtown Toronto and the energy of the city really helped me cope as I would go for walks around my beautiful city and clear my mind. I really recommend you to get involved in an activity that keeps you moving. Just being engaged in something that is physical enhances your feelings of strength and restrains the attitude that you are a person who is “sick.” When you are having a flare-up, try to keep moving with gentle activities such as walking. Think “I can” rather than “I cannot” ( 

2. Don't sweat the small stuff: I really used the techinque of starting to think "I can" rather than "I cannot" I learned over time to change my mind set and started putting my life issues into perspective. I had a lot of support from my family and friends I also went to a social worker which was so helpful to cope with the stress and anxiety that I was feeling. 

3. Don't over-commit: This was one of the hardest for me to get used to as I own and run my business and I am always on the go. Being an entrepreneur you wear all the hats for your business and I learned that it is okay to take time for yourself, unplug and relax and not over-schedule yourself. 

4. Find your community: Just remember you are not alone! Find people who understand what you are going through and share your concerns. Don’t let these diseases isolate you from other people. I had a wonderful support system from my family, friends my life partner and there are many resources out there to help you guide you through and cope, make friends and support you. You already made a new friend and that is me! helped me so much I recommend you check out the website.