My Journey with Crohn’s Disease: The Surgery Recovery Process


It was 6 days and 6 nights at Mount Sinai Hospital for my Crohn’s disease surgery where the super fabulous Dr. M. Brar Colorectal Surgeon and his talented team cut out my small bowel blockage and stapled all my good parts back together. Where do I even start, the whole recovery process was an experience as I never had surgery before and I felt all emotions.

Excitement: I got excited that I got through the surgery. I was so grateful for the future outcome of the surgery and I was so proud of myself that I got through it. 

Nervous I didn't know what to expect on how you are supposed to feel after a major surgery. I had setback with my recovery time then other patients as my nerves and anxiety took over for a couple days. The day after surgery the doctors and nurses encourage you to do leg exercises and start to sit up and dangle your legs at the side of your bed. Next they wanted me to start my breathing exercises which included taken deep breaths ten sets every hour when you are awake and try couching three times a day after the breathing exercises. I was so scared and nervous to do these exercises  because I thought I was going to ruin something or stitch was going to pull out. My husband, family and nurses were so supportive during this process and I finally got the courage and did it! It was that bad that I thought it will be. 


Scared: My doctors and nurses told me that it is normal to feel nervous after major surgery especially when you never had surgery before. All the staff at 14th floor at Mount Sinai Hospital were so supportive and made me and all the patients feel so comfortable. The scary part for me was that after bowel surgery, your bowls stop working and you feel bloated so they really encourage you to start walking and get physical activity to help the bowel work faster and wake the bowel up from the surgery. Here is a little facts that I learned during my recovery. 1. Chewing gum after bowel surgery three time a day will help you pass gas, which is a sign that your bowels are working. 2. Passing gas is a better sign that your gut is working than having a bowel movement. 

Feeling Proud of myself: I felt so proud of myself everyday as that I was in hospital as I am a very goal focused person. The staff of doctors and nurses encourage you to do the following activities which included you have to sit up in a chair for all your meals, be out of bed, either walking or sitting for increase periods of time, countiune my breathing and leg exercises. The more you moved around as much you can after the surgery it reduces the chance of a blood clots in your legs or lungs. I was so proud of myself my husband and family would go for walks with my around the 14th three to four times a day to keep me moving. Even the nurses came with me as well and we chatted about our favourite TV shows etc...I even did it by myself when I couldn't sleep at night. 

Thank you to The Mount Sinai Hospital staff and nurses on the 14th floor for taken such good care of me during my recovery, you are all fabulous! 

It feel is good to be home I got discharged from Mount Sinai Hospital on Wednesday March 6th, 2019 in the afternoon to continue my recovery. It feel so fabulous to sleep in my own bed and  use my own shower and have my fresh condo smell. I am starting to feel like myself again and I am so grateful for this whole experience and so proud of myself that I got through it and I will back on my feet in no time!

Check out to learn more about Crohns and Colitis and get more information. It took me many months to an one year to start coping emotionally and mentally when I got diagnosed. Everyone's body works differently and you just have to stay positive and find what works for you and work with your doctors. You are not alone! 

Being Unique is Always Fabulous!